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West Sussex

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Autumn/ Winter

We start growing our summer bedding and basket plants in March when the first plugs are potted. They are grown in our large polytunnels for at least 6 weeks before they are ready for sale. During this time they are kept warm at night by being tucked into their fleecy beds, pinched back twice to encourage good root development and lovingly watered as they need it.

We don’t grow with any heat so the plants are strong and flower when they are ready to, rather than being forced and overfed to make them ‘shelf ready’ only to stop when you get them home.

Because of our passion for plants we are always looking for different varieties to pair together in planting combinations in our hanging baskets and those that our customers bring back to be replanted each year.

Once the summer colour ends and the darker days come there is nothing more cheerful than the face of a Pansy or Viola looking at you. We have searched for years to find the best truly winter flowering varieties and now have our chosen favourites. Each year we grow hundreds of Pansies and Violas in varying colours as well as Primroses, Polyanthus and Autumn and Spring flowering Wallflowers.

Available from September/October through until Spring (unless they sell out before!) we aim to give you colour to cheer up your pots, baskets or gardens.

We also have a selection of potted bulbs available in early spring to add extra pops of colour and cheer.