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West Sussex

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Growing your own fruit is very rewarding as long as you can keep the birds away from it before you harvest! Whether you’ve got room for an orchard, one tree, a few bushes or just a pot of Strawberries everyone can grow something fruity.

The best time of year to plant top fruit (or fruit trees) and bushes is the autumn as this gives them the most time to get themselves settled before they come into leaf and start to think about producing fruit. We suggest you don’t let a newly planted tree fruit in it’s first 1 to 2 years to make sure the tree can grow a strong root and branch system to support future years of an abundance of fruit.

Soft fruits such as Strawberries can be planted in autumn or spring, but we suggest spring as the soil starts to dry up and warm up, especially on East Grinstead clay!

Citrus are becoming more and more popular - who doesn’t want  to grow the lemons for their G & T? Just remember you’re going to need somewhere warm and light to over-winter them as they don’t like going below 5ºC.