Tropical Looking Stunners

Agapanthus don’t always have to be blue - there are some beautiful white varieties too. Like their blue cousins they come in a variety of sizes from little ground huggers to 1.2m giants.

The bold looking trumpet flowers atop grassy tropical looking foliage. These South African natives are becoming more and more popular in our gardens as our weather warms up. Perfect in containers on the patio or in a well drained border in full sun.

There are 2 main types - Deciduous and Evergreen. The deciduous ones are hardier as they die down to nothing in winter and ‘hibernate’ until the warmer weather in the spring. Evergreen varieties need a bit more protection in the winter, maybe move them into a greenhouse or a nice sheltered corner near the house.


Agapanthus flower in late summer, July to September, as many of the earlier flowering perennials have finished, making them an important plant to prolong your garden colour.

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