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Cottage garden plants are the best thing to get colour into your garden throughout the seasons. They start to poke through the soil in spring and grow and flower until they disappear again in late autumn to rest ready for the next year. We have perennials that will provide flower from February right through to the autumn so you can make sure your garden changes and stays colourful all year round.

We are mad about perennials and grow around 400 varieties every year from the tried and tested to the slightly more unusual. They are all grown at their pace - no forcing on in hot houses just to get them out for sale for a specific time so you can be assured that you get a plant that will grow well once you get it home. Because we grow them we have a vast knowledge about which will grow in sun, shade, damp, dry, be tall, be short or any other situations you can throw at us.

Come in and see the wonderful colour these beauties can provide.

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