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Shrubs & Trees

Truly the backbone of all gardens. Their various forms, colours and flowering periods make them a permanent feature whether they be evergreen or not. We stock a large selection of shrubs, some interesting that you won’t find them in many garden centres as well as the normal tried and tested varieties.

Evergreen shrubs make fantastic year round interest and come in many shapes and sizes meaning there’s one for almost any situation. Deciduous shrubs, or those that lose their leaves, tend to have a larger splash of flower or interesting coloured leaves and their structural branches can also make a useful interest point in the winter.

Trees help to add vertical interest to gardens. There are trees for all sizes of gardens with flowers of all sizes and colours, some have beautiful coloured leaves and some bear berries or fruit that add another aspect of interest.

Our staff are always happy to give advise on what plants will suit your situation.

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